What is Reading Recovery?
The reading lab serves primarily first-grade students with the
reading recovery program as well as kindergarten and second-grade students who need extra help in reading. Reading recovery is a short-term early intervention that provides extra help for students who are having some reading difficulties.

Meet our Reading Recovery Teachers
Hello, my name is Judy Galloway and I am a reading recovery teacher. I graduated from ATU and have been teaching at Crawford for 31 years. Before teaching reading, I taught first- grade for 21 years also here at Crawford. My family enjoys camping, hiking, and going to the beach!

Hi, my name is Monica Hunter. I started teaching at Crawford Elementary in 1989 after graduating from Arkansas Tech University. I taught second-grade for eight years and then moved to reading recovery. I enjoy shopping and spending time with my family.

Hello! My name is Carol Heathcoat. I began teaching 23 years ago after graduating from Arkansas Tech University in 1993. I teach reading recovery and dyslexia intervention at Crawford Elementary school where I have been a teacher for the past 16 years having taught kindergarten and fourth-grade. I enjoy playing my flute at church every week. If you see me around town and I look a little different, it is because I have a twin sister!